Title IX

What is Title IX?

Title IX is a national law that protects everyone from discrimination based on gender in all public educational settings, programs or activities. Every person is protected — no matter how they identify — from discrimination based on gender. 

How do I report a Title IX issue?

Reports can be filed in-person or digitally. If a student is made uncomfortable in some way by another student or faculty member, they may share that issue to any trusted staff member in the building. Then, that staff member must report the issue to the Assistant Principal/Title IX Coordinator (Jason Shiroff). Depending on the situation, the Denver Police Department may be contacted.

Students can make a report online. There are two ways to file a Title IX report: the concern form and the complaint form. The concern form is a less formal process. Both parties meet with the school’s Title IX team and the situation is assessed. A safety plan is made with the consideration of both perspectives. This may include (but is not limited to) changes in classes, early dismissal from class, counseling sessions, etc.

If the issue cannot be resolved through the concern form, a complaint form (formal process) may be filed. This will lead to a Title IX investigation where an investigator will meet with both parties and gather facts about the incident. The decision maker will then determine the validity of the complaint. A safety plan will be set in place. Depending on the situation, a police investigation may occur. When this happens, the Title IX investigation is paused until the police investigation is finished.  

For more information and access to the concern/complaint forms visit the Denver Public Schools.


Title XI Process Flowchart